Freedom Series

Week 4 "Shame"

Freedom Series

Week 3 "Bitterness"

Freedom Series

Week 2 " Freedom From Our Past"

Freedom Series

Week 1 Doubt

Father's Day

Check out this great v

Toxic 5

Toxic Religion


Mother's Day  Becky Young

Toxic Series

Week 2 Impact Zone

Toxic Series

Week 1  The war of the mind

Heros and Villains

Week 3

Heros And Villains

Week 2 Judas

Heros And Villains Series

Week 1 

Big Faith 10


Week 8 Moses

 New Life exist to reach people and grow their faith. We strive  to create a relaxed environment where people can hear about God and  respond in a non judgmental, low pressure atmosphere. 

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