Pastor Shannon



Pastor Shannon is a husband and father of 2 girls, Breanna and Lindsey. He has been at Newlife since 2008. Pastor Shannon is originally from Pensacola, FL. He has a passion for reaching unsaved, unchurched people as well as believers who are looking to break away from traditional church and do ministry the way Jesus did. He has core beliefs that everybody needs Jesus, not just the wealthy, the good, and the churched people. Pastor Shannon is married to Tiffany, who shares the same passion for God in ministry as he does and is vital in the day to day operations of Newlife. 

Before coming to Newlife, Shannon was a youth pastor for 8 years along with leading praise and worship in the local church.

"Great things have happened since we started at Newlife and I believe greater things are still to come. I can't wait to see what God is going to do with his church." Pastor Shannon